Terbium Labs

Analyst at Terbium Labs

Full-time Position in Baltimore

Intelligence is a product of inquiry and insight. We are hiring the next generation of analysts.



Your Strengths

We are searching for people who know how to research. Here are three key attributes of our ideal candidate:

  • Curious. You are a quick study – not just subjects in school, but concepts, technologies, industries, and communities. You know how to stay on top of a topic: you excel at synthesizing multiple sources and tracking news, events, and trends. When faced with an uncertainty, you can figure out how to frame an approach.
  • Analytical. You are a structured, critical thinker and know how to apply methodology. You can demonstrate the difference between an idea, a hypothesis, and an insight. You are an effective and economic writer – and you know how to present evidence rigorously, without being too academic.
  • Data Savvy. You have a healthy appetite for data, and can use it to analyze processes and identify patterns. You appreciate an effective visualization and are familiar with quantitative thinking and basic statistics. You also know that data is not magic and are highly competent at asking the right questions.


Your Responsibilities

Based out of Terbium’s headquarters in Baltimore, you are responsible for monitoring customer accounts and reporting on developments. Here are the three main activities of our analysts:

  • Investigate. With the aid of automated analytical processes, you will investigate the appearance of sensitive information on the dark web. Analysts deliver finished, data-driven analytical reports to existing and potential customers, and work with Sales, Product, and Customer Success to address our clients’ needs.
  • Communicate. You will tell stories with context and data, with narratives and dashboards. Through reporting and analysis, you will clearly and concisely convey complex concepts (i.e. risk of sensitive data exposure). You will move fluidly among communication channels: email, chat, phone, video, and, importantly, face-to-face.
  • Develop. You will grow quickly in this role and your capacity will be tested. In the face with both ambiguity and possibility, you will inquire and adjust nimbly. We train, coach, and mentor our analysts in critical thinking, professional development, and data analytics.


Your Teammates

In a world of hackers, hustlers, ninjas, and rockstars, we are the misfits – a community of inquisitive, creative, and inclusive analysts. We prefer geeks; we appreciate wordplay, fandom, and parallelism. (Bonus points for efficacious employment of emojis.)

We encourage novel answers to questions about information security, fraud, and risk management. We measure analytical success by understanding how the dark web works, articulating that knowledge verbally and in writing, and thinking critically about the appearance of sensitive data on the dark web.


Your Application

Send your resume, LinkedIn profile, and an 800-word writing sample to careers@terbiumlabs.com. Tell us why you are the analyst for whom we have been searching.



About Us

Terbium Labs is the premier dark web intelligence company. As the maker of Matchlight, the world’s most comprehensive and only fully private dark web data monitoring system, Terbium gives organizations an unprecedented ability to continuously monitor the dark web for its lost or stolen data.


Our Culture

At Terbium Labs, we pride ourselves on having a respectful work environment built around a diverse and accomplished team. Our backgrounds and experience draw from neuroscience, fashion, astronomy, geopolitical risk, history, quantum physics, and law bolstered by strong business experience, including several successful startup exits. The leadership team values ethical and transparent judgment.

Team Terbz likes to unwind with monthly happy hours, catered all-hands meetings, a well-stocked snack area, a comfortable lounge area, and a completely unnecessary variety of coffee machines. No one is quite sure why, but we also have a full jazz trio setup in the corner.

People who succeed at Terbium Labs are effective, cooperative, and reliable. We don’t need to “crush it” all the time; we compete by being clever, collaborative, consistent, and connected.


Our Values

  • Impact. We appreciate the importance of our mission and respect the significance our decisions have on people’s livelihoods.
  • Dependability. We value a culture of holistic ownership and aggressive follow-through.
  • Respect. We value healthy dialog and care about and support each member of the team as a whole, individual human being beyond their immediate contribution to the mission.


Our Benefits

In addition to all federal holidays, Terbium Labs offers unlimited vacation. This is subject to the demands being placed on your respective team, but it is never less than 2 weeks. Employees receive full medical/vision/dental coverage, equity in the company, and participation in our 401(k) plan with matching contributions.

Employees are also eligible to attend at least one conference of their choosing each year. Terbium Labs is committed to the development of its team members: if you know what kind of learner you are and what you know what you need to succeed, we will do our best to provide it.

We will also pay you.