Friends of The Web

iOS Developer at Friends of The Web

Full-time Position in Baltimore

Company Overview

Friends of The Web is a software design and development company based in Baltimore, Maryland. We’ve been in business for over four years, during which time we’ve had the pleasure of working with clients of all sizes, as well as designing, building, and releasing our own software products. We build for the web in Ruby and Rails and for iOS in Objective C and Swift.

Our clientele is intentionally diverse, from technology companies to educational and cultural institutions. We believe experience and knowledge is transferrable, and lessons learned from one project are applicable to other projects in different fields. As a result, our clients hire us as problem solvers, not implementors of established solutions.

In our process, design and engineering are valued equally as essential elements of making great software. Our designers understand technical limitations and often write code of their own, and our developers have an appreciation and respect for excellent design and user experience. We design and build simultaneously, and strive to set expectations with our clients that allow us to spend the amount of time required to do something properly.

Our office is a collaborative and open environment. Team members are encouraged to provide feedback on all projects, even ones they’re not directly working on. Good communication skills and a positive attitude towards constructive criticism are highly valued.

Our work is made better with contributions from people with different experiences, skills, and backgrounds. We’re dedicated to building a diverse team and believe this requires special attention in the tech industry, which is too often narrow-minded and non-inclusive. Applicants from groups typically underrepresented in technology are encouraged to apply.

Position Details

We're looking for an experienced iOS developer to join our small team. As a developer at Friends of The Web, you’ll participate in and lead a diverse set of projects, both internally driven and for a range of clients. You’ll have an opportunity to continue to develop your own skills while solving interesting problems and helping to guide the development of our products.

Candidates are expected to have a firm grasp of the full product development process. This includes working closely with designers to fully understand the goals and intents of a product and how those influence the details of implementation.

Candidates should:

  • Be able to creatively solve problems and write reasonable, and readable, algorithms to satisfy the needs and constraints of a diverse set of projects.
  • Write complete, readable, and stable code. Specifically, candidates must have an ability to anticipate and account for possible input to a system, and know when and how to utilize standard design patterns and when to develop new patterns.
  • Be able to work on a project in all stages of its life, including engineering design and planning, starting a project from scratch or building from an existing codebase, the application distribution process, and assessing and correcting errors.
  • Be comfortable working on a team, which includes communicating clearly about engineering decisions and challenges, and using version control and project management tools effectively. Candidates must be able to participate in critical code reviews and effectively pair program. Clear communication with non-technical colleagues and clients is also essential.
  • Demonstrate enthusiasm for design and working closely with designers to flesh out the details of a particular view or behavior. Candidates should be able to understand and extend a particular design system, and help to identify problems with a specific design at the earliest stages.
  • Have experience working with Cocoa Touch and standard development tools and frameworks, including Core Data, Auto Layout, Interface Builder, Unit Testing, and Xcode's debugging tools.