Jr. Java Developer at Modis

Contract Position

6 Month Contract
Hunt Valley, MD
Application Migration Support Specialist
(Jr. Java Developer/Jr. Project Manager)
Candidates are comfortable doing light Java programming and also multiple small projects. For this project, the candidate will be running existing Java programs out of Eclipse to load spreadsheets containing customer profiles and billing information into our Veri-Trak system. This will require a certain amount of iteration with the business units to help them get the source spreadsheets into the correct format.
The Support Specialist will attend project conference calls, manage business expectations, and report back to the team, as necessary. In some cases, the Specialist must manage three or four different migrations at once, each in different stages of the process, since each migration process can last four weeks.
It’s likely that migration duties will not consume 100% of the Specialist’s time. Between project duties, Management may assign the Specialist normal daily support duties. Also, the Specialist may work on application development tasks to create a user interface that lets the business unit perform the tasks that the Specialist performs manually.