Software Engineer, Front End at Catalyte

Full-time Position in Baltimore


Catalyte is a fast-growing company with development centers in Baltimore, Maryland and Beaverton, Oregon providing onshore Agile application solutions nationwide. Using a Moneyball-like, analytics-based approach to team assembly that is optimized to fit with each client’s organizational culture, Catalyte offers highly effective teams that can collaborate face to face at any client site across the US, or communicate in real time from its development centers. Our belief in effective Agile through collaboration and data-driven team assembly are at the heart of the Catalyst promise – better and faster Agile software development services, onshore and on-target.

Who we want to work with:

  • Friendly, with strong communication skills.

  • Thrives in team oriented atmosphere.

  • Driven to learn new technologies and solve challenging problems.

  • Open to solving problems in a new way

  • Passion for Teaching and Mentoring others



  • Work in an Agile environment

  • Improve our styling architecture to make it more maintainable and globally shareable with a number of different clients. This includes style guide, global components (think “internal bootstrap”) and more

  • Collaborate with the development teams in creation of new UIs to ensure the UI meets our standards.

  • Collaborate with the  creative and UX teams in the development of ad-hoc landing pages as part of brand campaigns.

  • Maintain awareness of industry trends and emergent technologies




  • 3+ years of experience developing amazing solutions with HTML/CSS and Javascript

  • Expert knowledge of HTML/Css

  • Experience using Javascript frameworks such as React

  • Be able to create components with a minimalist approach

  • Ability to maneuver around legacy code and to clean up legacy code

  • Strong methodology and thought process regarding naming conventions

  • Experience with reusable components or style guides

  • Sharp eye for detail

  • Responsive design approach

  • Ability to find design issues and create solutions

  • Knowledge of accessibility concerns

  • Ability to interact with both Designers and Developers