Stansberry Research

Software Engineer Intern at Stansberry Research

Full-time Position in Baltimore

tansberry Research is continuing to build its cloud services platform. This platform is the backbone for our data-driven marketing, sales, ecommerce, billing and customer services. This is a great opportunity for software engineers who want to develop systems from idea to fruition that will reach millions of users using only the latest and greatest technologies. As part of this group, we need a Software Engineer Intern who will perform the design, development, testing, support, documentation, and analysis of these software applications and services. 


The ideal candidate should have a desire to build new products at scale, playing with APIs and data, and discovering and exploring new technologies and ideas. 


In addition to a full time summer internship the qualified candidate ideally would be able to continue part-time until graduation where if all goes well would consider converting to a full time employee upon graduation. December 2017 or May 2018 graduates preferred. 



  • Primary responsibility is to design, develop, modify, test and support highly reliable software applications and services for the cloud. 
  • Develop large-scale production systems serving millions of customers. 
  • Participate in software planning, design and architecture sessions and own aspects of the technical solution. 
  • Must be an active coder in your day-to-day duties with an enthusiasm for technology, particularly with software development. 
  • Ability to quickly gain expertise in a topic or technology that candidate may not have prior experience with already. 
  • Take accountability for tasks and resolve problems. 
  • Excellent communication skills (both written and verbal), with the ability to convey technical issues clearly. 
  • Team oriented, with experience in Agile principles. 
  • Ability to work and thrive in a faced-paced environment. 


Performance Objectives:

30 Days: Become familiar with our products. Get to know the team and understand their skill sets.

60 Days: Take ownership of certain applications/services.

180 Days: See through to completion at least one of your projects, end-to-end. Working closely with senior team member to track and communicate the results with management. 



  • Understanding of development of Java server applications. 
  • Experience with Java methodologies, technologies and frameworks (Spring, Maven, etc) 
  • Understanding of data structures and design patterns (Collections, DI, IoC, MVC, TDD, etc) 
  • Good coding habits (writing quality unit tests, comments, thoughtful naming, use of patterns where appropriate, etc) 
  • Understanding of developing Web Services and APIs (SOAP/REST). 
  • Knowledge of building Spring based applications. 
  • Experience with HTML/CSS/jQuery/Ajax. 
  • Understanding of Amazon AWS. 
  • Knowledge of relational database systems (MS-SQL, MySQL) 
  • Strong customer focus, ownership, urgency and drive. 


  • Pursuing a Bachelor or Master degree in computer science or related field with a target graduation of Dec 2017 or May 2018.