Vice President of Sales and Marketing at SmartLogic

Full-time Position

As Vice President of Sales and Marketing your primary responsibilities are to drive leads to SmartLogic and to close new business opportunities. You will be expected to design, implement, and manage systems that accelerate top-line revenue growth at SmartLogic.

You’ll report directly to Yair, the President of the company


  1. Engage in annual and quarterly goal-setting and planning: work with Yair to set annual sales goals by analyzing historical sales data, current market trends, and assessing our ability to support increased revenue growth. Develop annual and quarterly plans for achieving sales goals.
  2. Establish and manage a budget for client acquisition: you’ll work with Yair to establish and manage a budget for our other sales and marketing efforts.
  3. Manage sales and marketing staff: current staff include a full-time Product Analyst and part-time Marketing Coordinator. You’ll be expected to manage existing staff in addition to any additional staff that will be required to achieve our sales targets.
  4. Manage our marketing funnel: manage our traditional marketing efforts (collateral, website, case studies, social media, event sponsorships, etc.). Manage outreach to marketing channels that drive qualified leads to the business (namely, referrals). Work with Yair to devise creative plans for capturing the interest of the markets we serve. Manage the execution of these plans.
  5. Manage our sales pipeline: grow and manage all aspects of a multi million dollar sales pipeline. Triage all inquiries for interest in our services. Engage prospective clients to assess whether there is a fit. Enlist our developers’ assistance to both gather technical requirements and to help close deals. Liaise with sales and development staff to generate accurate and winning proposals.
  6. Transition projects to the development team: after we close a deal you’ll be expected to facilitate a smooth transition to Dan (the Director of Development Operations, your counterpart on the development team). Given that over a third of our revenue is from repeat clients, it’s critical to our success that all aspects of our process (from sale through to delivery) are managed to the highest levels of quality.


We seek candidates with 7 or more years of experience in sales and marketing roles in B2B companies. The successful candidate will have a background in the following:

  1. Consultative sales: building and deploying custom software is complex and expensive. The successful candidate will understand how to assess a prospective client’s needs in order to design the most appropriate solution. If our services aren’t a great fit for the lead, then we refer the lead to colleagues that can better serve the lead.
  2. B2B marketing of professional services: the successful candidate will intuitively grasp the reasons why companies choose to work with the professional services providers they ultimately select. The ideal candidate will have experience marketing professional services to businesses.
  3. Product management: the successful candidate will have experience working with various types of stakeholders (technical, non-technical, various industries) to design software products that meet a set of objectives. Our detailed proposals typically include wireframes and technical definition to clearly communicate the system and product we are proposing to build.
  4. Personnel management: you will initially be expected to manage one FT and one PT staff member. It is also expected that you will need to hire more staff moving forward.
  5. Planning and analysis: the successful candidate will have demonstrated experience in goal-setting and planning processes.

Finally, we are seeking someone that is personable and demonstrates trustworthiness and integrity. Given our primary source of new business is through referrals, the importance of being a bastion of integrity cannot be overstated.