4 E-shop design mistakes that could slay your Business


Authored by: Dimitris Papoutsis

Missing product detailed information

Once a time was, where people went to stores for buying the products where they feel it, check each angle of the product and if satisfy with given detail force them to purchase the product. Now, most of the same alliance has shutter closed due to online shopping trend.

There is no interaction between customer and sales, all have gone at the virtual level which destroyed the reality like before. Where Online has trouble with lack of information for the product we do like to buy.

Looking for to do

By providing each information related to a product like weight, dimension, sizes, material, and other relevant information depending on what the product is.

Dull image quality to ruin your brand

Graphics of the product picturization projects good impact to feel the item closer and if it lights very dull projection to the customer and your product shortlisted to remove from the showcase.

A product image attracts customer once they get each detail with the proper lifelike in the display. People need to know everything about the product once they decide to buy it.

To fix it up

You need to take live shots, like connect with your customers and take live images while they use it and project it on showcase bar. The most of the brand use the same strategy to attract consumers.

Imperfect Site Search Engine

If the consumer clear with search what they are looking for, they will use the search engine instead of shifting through categories and filters. You are responsible for making sure that the search keywords on your website work well. There are hundreds of results returned avails to you for the search be done by you.

How to fix it

You have to sure about the e-commerce software you are using has a good built-in search engine. Let users sort their search results based on the standard criteria as well as eliminating items that don't fit for fix category.

Non-responsive website

Do you know most of the online buyers use smartphones for shopping? A lot of smartphones rise to be in use so for that you need to sure to have a responsive website for them.

Most of the users used to visit the website from the smartphone, If I'm not wrong. You have to set up a responsive website for your online store it may help you to control on losing sales.

Fix the problem

The website is to design and develop with covering all the aspect support to responsiveness while the user uses in the mobile. To make it sure for your responsive website, we assure you for your responsive website which creates a better impact on your online store.

The matter discussed in the blog is very useful to keep in the eye for the E-shop website development. If you get the proper way which covers all the mentioned points here make more reliable E-shop website.


Source:- http://bit.ly/2tEngK3