Citelighter moves to new offices, leaving room for new startups at Betamore


Authored by: Stephen Babcock, Baltimore

Betamore has a new alumnus. As a result, the Federal Hill campus has openings in its incubator space for the first time this year.

After outgrowing the space as it continued to add employees, Citelighter has moved out. But the edtech startup is staying close by, in new offices at the Foundry on Fort Avenue.

For Citelighter, the connections forged at Betamore run deep. For instance, investor John Cammack sits on the board of both Citelighter and Betamore. Citelighter cofounder Lee Jokl said the edtech startup attributed the company’s successful transition from New York to Baltimore to resources at Betamore, and said the company benefitted from being around other edtech startups and entrepreneurs. “At the same time, we didn’t want to be overstaying our welcome,” Jokl said.

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