How Artificial Intelligence Will Impact Mobile Business

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“Change Is Essential. It Transforms the Way We Think.”

Be it technology or business, adoption of latest trends is inevitable. We need to understand the fact that traditional methodologies won’t stop working but technology revolution can accelerate business growth. The whole new tech paradigm has shifted the focus on mobile friendliness.

It is so notable what an app can do by using AI algorithms. For instance, it offers you solutions for finding gifts on special occasions or finds out new discounts on holiday packages. It can even help you with creating instant shopping list while recognizing loyalty points.

According to Gartner, intelligent apps are the latest strategic trends for 2017 and more than world’s 200 largest companies are going to develop smart apps within next year.

The developers of the steadfast mobile app company will push the envelope by using pioneering technology to enhance user’s experiences.

Here’s what to expect when it comes to integration of AI into your mobile apps :-

1. Mobile AI Entice Customers

AI technology is forming new frontiers for redefining the platforms of mobile apps. Major retailers use smart apps to serve the best and retain their customers. On an everyday basis, business apps harvest a wealth of data from different medium including POS and online web traffic. Using the AI algorithms, the retailers manage to create contextual notifications and personalized marketing messages. It is a smart engagement technique to not only attracting new customers but also increasing loyalty among retaining customers.

2. AI benefits IoT

IoT devices are generating tons of data and AI is employed to structure and analyze that information which improves customer service and efficiency.  Also, it plays a significant role in enhancing the security of IoT devices.

Uday Veermachaneni, the co-founder of PatternEX says, “Machine Learning is an essential component of IoT security.” The main problem with IoT is that the data massively distributed so in case of any attacks you need to react in real-time. With AI, you can develop a solution for greater attack detection.

3. Increase Efficiency of Marketing Strategies

What about converting your ads into customized pieces to attract users. Yes, it can be done. Artificial intelligence will do the job. It helps you developing personalized ads catering to the needs and connecting with the problems of the users. By applying defining patterns on accurate data for better targeting will increase productivity.

4. Task Automation and Proactive Response

Mobile apps with AI can predict what you need and thereby keeps it ready. Thus, users just need to press a single button instead of a multi-step process to execute the same task. Active responses keep users happy.

Takeaway Point –

The future looks bright for artificial technology thus every android app development company is using AI for consumer’s betterment. After some time, all non-modern apps with boring interfaces will end up in the dark and will be replaced by intelligent apps for future growth. Thus, it is important to choose a reliable technology partner who can drive your apps in the right directions.