Mobile technology spurs on-demand deliveries to consumers at home


Authored by: Lorraine Mirabella, The Baltimore Sun

Bonnie McCurry just wants to relax after work. The 24-year-old tech designer at Under Armour might pick up groceries on her way to her Federal Hill home but then can avoid another stop for beer or wine by ordering on her iPhone using the Drizly app, which promises delivery within an hour.

The last thing Curtis Rhoades wants to do after working all day is to fight traffic to stock up on trash bags and other household goods, so the 29-year-old Union Square resident orders such things from Amazon for delivery within two hours.

"I'm the kind of person, if I buy something, I want it then. I don't like waiting around for things," said Rhoades, a commercial electrician and part-time musician. "By the time I get off work and have time to do that stuff, it's rush hour and I don't feel like dealing with it. I'd rather pay someone than go to Wal-Mart."

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