Top Ways to Enhance Customer Experience in eCommerce

Authored by: Paul

Nurturing relationships with your customers is one of the best ways to improve your eCommerce business. Investing in your customers through an impactful marketing strategy is a must to deliver exceptional customer experience. Your interaction with customers will define the experience i.e. how customers feel about your services or products. Good experiences will help in building awareness, website traffic & eventually boost sales while bad experiences can scare off your customers & even impact a business negatively.  As per records, Companies are losing as much as 23% of their annual online revenues on average for providing poor digital experiences.
Here are some of the tips that can be considered by every eCommerce web development company to build a great customer experience:


One effective way to improve user experience in your business is to add personalization in your marketing campaigns. You can create customized experiences considering the features like location, information provided by users, items in Wishlist, recently viewed items, etc. Personalized online stores have been believed to help 59% marketers with good ROI.

Upsell & Cross-sell

Another way to provide a robust user experience is to offer only the relevant products to the customers. Instead of scaring buyers away with the products they don’t want, offer something that will complement their shopping cart and the ones that will be useful. However, keep a check on the frequency of messages, as constant upsells may detach clients.

Out-of-the-box Social Media Marketing

Integrate your online store with different social media marketing ideas like the social sign-in feature that will make the sign-in process less time consuming or Facebook bot for online shops to deliver automated messages. This will help to manage order confirmation, provide 24*7 customer support and even ensure upselling.

Virtual Experience

More than 40% buyers are willing to pay more for the product if they could experience it through Augmented Reality. Give users the virtual experience to transform their imagination into reality like interpret what an item would feel like in their hands or how a furniture would look like in their home. This will make them go for a purchase with more satisfaction & assurance.

Delight Customers

Since there may be many competitors offering similar services, differentiate yourself and find ways to delight your website visitors whenever possible. Send extra goodies while shipping the products occasionally, offer amazing discounts/loyalty offers via email or exclusive deals in website pop-ups to attract users.

Apart from all the points discussed above, it is important to make your website experience seamless to enhance better customer experience and engage more people. Also, ensure that the entire shopping experience is simple and easy to use for the users. If you need to build a website or add some latest functionalities on the existing one, take help from a top ecommerce Website Development Company having in-depth knowledge of new IT trends. Most importantly, analyze what your customers care about to deliver what they want with a personalized user experience.