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Brooke Baader

Marketing & Social Media / PR in Baltimore Suburbs

Food enthusiast, passionate Baltimorean + aspiring digital marketing expert. Intern at Betamore.

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Employee2015 - Present

Betamore is an award-winning coworking, incubator and campus for technology and entrepreneurship. Our mission is to make Baltimore a leading global ...

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Baltimore has a new site for searching restaurant inspection reports

Baltimore city took another step forward in the effort to make restaurant inspections more widely available to the public this week. The city’s health department launched a new web portal where citizens can search inspection reports. The inspection reports, which show whether eateries are clean and why they received violations, are available from the beginning…

Here are 5 ways Allovue is trying to make its staff more diverse

When people hear that Allovue CEO Jess Gartner hired me to focus on hiring and diversity at the company, some seem surprised to learn that it made her list of priorities so soon. For reference, we’re a team of 22 people working from seven states, with our new headquarters slated for Remington this summer. These encounters have made me…

Why this national STEM conference matters for Baltimore

An index that tracks students entering the STEM fields was released this week, highlighting the fact that a lot of technical jobs are being filled by foreign workers. The U.S. News & World Report STEM Index is the latest in a series of studies on the issue, which in part underscores the fact that a big reason for…

Light City Baltimore is going to be longer next year

Light City Baltimore drew more than 400,000 people to Baltimore in its inaugural seven-day run this past March and April, a number expected to grow in year two as the event will be extended two days to nine nights, including a second weekend. The Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts announced Wednesday the 2017…

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