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Clavax is a mobile application development company, which has extensive experience in designing and developing mobile applications across various industry verticals.

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Tips to Improve an Existing Enterprise Mobile App

With the humongous increase of smartphone users spending most of their time on mobile apps, many entrepreneurs are becoming more inclined towards turning their business ideas into apps. There is no denial in the fact that millions of apps are available today in the market but not many of them are successful. Before building an…

How Kentico 10 is different from other Enterprise CMS?

For a successful website, you need a proper management of the content present on the web without relying on a vendor. Making use of CMS helps you to update, edit or create the content easily without the need of HTML or coding skills. Among the wide range of CMS solutions, Kentico is undoubtedly the most…

Top Trends That Will Redefine the Future of iOS App Development

Apple has been constantly improving and enhancing its platform for the app development with the latest technologies. The year 2017 has bought the mind-blowing transformation with the update of iOS 11, advances towards Augmented Reality, the introduction of Swift 3.0 and much more. Most of the iOS developers who build apps focus on targeting audience…

Big Data Trends that will shape the Future of Data-Driven Business

Big Data become very popular is the year 2016 with several business owners demanding the need for managing their large volumes of data to make the best business decisions. As we move ahead towards 2017, we can see that Big Data is only getting bigger and it is here to stay for quite a long…

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