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Clavax is a mobile application development company, which has extensive experience in designing and developing mobile applications across various industry verticals.

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Why It’s Now or Never to Embrace Big Data in Advertising Agencies

“Big Data is at the foundation of all megatrends that are happening today, from social to mobile to gaming to cloud.” – Chris Lynch, Vertica Systems The digital advertising agency is no way behind to leverage new advancements to achieve their business goals. Unlike other industries, PR agencies are adopting the technology to capture and…

Why Your E-Commerce Platform Should Be Integrated with PIM Solution

According to statistics by Big Commerce, “59% baby boomers, 67% Millennials and 56% Gen Xers prefer to shop online rather in-store.” To foster a great shopping experience and build good relationships with your clients, you need to enhance your e-commerce platform with smart and latest technologies. With growing marketing trend of e-commerce, product information and…

Reasons Why Android is Smarter than iOS

Smartphone has become an essential part of our life & most of us are totally dependent on them for our day-to-day tasks. With the two main players in the world of mobile technology – Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS, it can be a tough choice to make a decision & pick one OS between these…

Tips to Improve an Existing Enterprise Mobile App

With the humongous increase of smartphone users spending most of their time on mobile apps, many entrepreneurs are becoming more inclined towards turning their business ideas into apps. There is no denial in the fact that millions of apps are available today in the market but not many of them are successful. Before building an…

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