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Davis Booth

Developer & News / Media in Baltimore Suburbs

Hi, I am Davis Booth. I am a senior at The Gilman School in Roland Park, Maryland and applying to college this year. I am highly interested in computer science and entrepreneurship. I am currently interning at Betamore to further pursue the combination of those interests.

Davis Booth’s Articles

Let these free workshops help your business really take off

Starting a business is no easy feat. First, you have the idea. Then, maybe you find a couple of friends with similar visions. Before you know it, you’re all signing contracts and happily on your way to your successful business. Right? Well, for every successful startup, countless others fail. Issues can (and will) arise. Fortunately,…

The one sentence that will make (or break) your LinkedIn profile

There are still so many misconceptions about how LinkedIn can be used, especially when it comes to winning new business for yourself on the platform. Case in point: Did you realize that LinkedIn is actually one of the most powerful, B2B-themed search engines on the planet? With nearly 500 million professionals in 200 countries, and with 2…

​If you want to win, plan to fail

When the team I was working with stepped away from the conference table, they knew they’d done good work. After struggling to bring together the right product, team, and market, they were leaving with actionable items to accomplish. That’s why it seemed strange when their leader stood up and gave them an interesting message: “I…

8 things you need to know this morning

Good morning, and happy Thursday. Today and tomorrow may be the last gasps of winter. Today will barely break out of the 30s, but we're going to see a serious warmup this weekend. Still, expect plenty of sun as we round out the week. Here are eight things to know to get your day started….

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