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Tim Palmieri

Based in Baltimore Suburbs

A Loyola Don venturing out into the business world. Technology.

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Employee2016 - Present

Betamore is an award-winning coworking, incubator and campus for technology and entrepreneurship. Our mission is to make Baltimore a leading global ...

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Don’t miss this networking opportunity: Super Meetup, July 12

Two weeks from today — Tuesday, July 12 — Technical.lyand Videology are hosting a massive gathering of Baltimore technologists, founders and creative thinkers. There will be food, drink, music and lots of swag to grab as we share each other’s upcoming projects and events. Wait, what is this wonderful thing we speak of? It’s Super Meetup presented by Publishing Services! If you don’t know, Super Meetup is a gathering…

This Field has Some of the Highest Salaries in Tech

When it comes to the tech industry, salary expectations tend to run a little higher than in other fields. While the particulars vary from one part of the country to the next, there’s no shortage ofcoding boot camps trading on the potential for high starting packages—which can hit six figures at the Facebooks and Googles of the world….

Hiring Managers are Desperately Seeking Tech Workers with These Skills

Could developers be the bass players of the tech industry? In other words, they’re the folks that everyone needs, but no one can find—at least that’s one conclusion drawn from the latest State of the Industry survey from IT staffing associationTechServe Alliance. Charting the course of tech staffing over the past 12 months, the most…

These 10 Tech Skills Are In High Demand by Employers

  Brush up on SQL, Java and Linux if you want a job in this sector. This piece originally appeared on Monster. As a denizen of the tech industry, you know that the number of potential areas of specialization can be dizzying. From programming languages to software frameworks and beyond, where you choose to focus your…

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